Speed control system for safety
Marseille Provence Airport


Speed control system for safety - Marseille Provence Airport

In 2016, Marseille Airport has been a pioneer in terms of security and safety on the ground and in the baggage galleries. In order to get fast and effective results, they have decided to undertake an innovative process for safety using telematic technology.

Ruled by a Police decree, ADVEEZ automatic speed control system have been set up on all GSE throughout a few months. At the end of the process, all stakeholders have noticed a real safety and sound difference in the working environment. A safe feeling for everyone has changed permanently operations and working conditions on the ground and in the baggage gallery.

“This speed limitation system is a revolution! All airport employees and ground handlers are feeling safer and less stressed. Moreover, the noise emissions have significantly decreased. Many benefits came from this solution.” says M. Azemar, Security and safety Director for Marseille Provence Airport.

Safety challenges for airports

As airport professionals knows, baggage galleries can be very crowded, busy and noisy.

Indeed, pedestrians are sharing this small space with motorized vehicles and trolleys. Accidents, infrastructure injuries and insecurity are common if the rules are not respected. Furthermore, the decibel numbers can rise very easily.

All these disturbances may cause disruptions during airport operations for handlers, airlines companies and ultimately for passengers.

ADVEEZ speed control system

To address these issues, they contracted ADVEEZ to deploy its Speed Control System on the baggage gallery.

One connected module is installed in each vehicle communicating by Bluetooth with beacons fixed on the infrastructure. The beacon location defines the perimeter of the slowdown area. The GSE speed is automatically and smoothly reduced to 8 km/h when the vehicle enters in the baggage gallery.

Thus, they are insured to drive at a pedestrian speed. And speed bumps are no longer necessary which decrease significantly the vehicle damages and the decibels in the area. Indeed, the noise intensity has been  divided by 4, thanks to this connected system.

Outside the perimeter, normal speed is ensured for normal running operations.

Improved working environment and cost savings

There is a before and an after the speed control system in the airport.

Indeed, Marseille Provence Airport reports that the telematic system has improved safety and quality of work in the baggage galleries for all the airport stakeholders. No more accident or injuries and less noise have been observed with the system.

Thus, by avoiding important infrastructure reparations, they have made great costs savings on insurance and maintenance.

Now, the airport is working with the handlers to extend the system into new zones inside and around the buildings. They would like to make safer and more silent area for both employees and passengers while saving money, a win-win solution for everyone.

To see the demonstration of the speed control system you can see our videos : 

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