Speed control system in Brussels South Charleroi Airport


How speed control in baggage gallery significantly improves safety in Charleroi airport?

Since 2020, Brussels South Charleroi Airport and its electrical GSEs are equipped with ADVEEZ Speed Control System in the baggage gallery to limit speed and increase safety for pedestrians and GSE operators.

After installing speed bumps that were almost inefficient and damaged the ground support equipment, the airport management looked for efficient solutions to limit the speed inside the baggage gallery. The main goal was to prevent materials and user incidents and insure the speed limitation respect. Safety at all times during operations is the priority.

Telematic solutions to answer safety priority.

Thanks to ADVEEZ Turtle box, GSE speed is automatically and progressively slowed down when it enters in the baggage hall of Charleroi Airport going from 25km/h to 5km/h. Operational 24/7 without generating additional noise pollution and be impacted by dust, ADVEEZ Speed Control System is specifically designed for industrial environment like airport. Moreover, the Turtle system works without interfering with any other low radio frequency systems already in place.

Listening carefully to our customers, ADVEEZ is continuously improving the system to be customized to their needs. Thus, we have developed additional safety means to be especially sabotage proof and to last longer without maintenance. We have repositioned the beacon to ensure no shortcut or pass-through to avoid the system. Reliability and adaptability are key for us and our customers.

The Brussels South Charleroi Airport is delighted with ADVEEZ Speed Control System as it is a proven and reliable solution improving significantly safety and quality. User-case videos from the management and the maintenance shows their feedbacks. To See the videos with feedbacks from O. Deckx, Ramp manager and feedbacks from J. Pirmez, head of mechanical services.

With our robust devices and innovations, ADVEEZ is proud to continue improving the day-to-day airport fleet management, turning it into asset intelligence.

Busy luggage gallery interior at charleroi airport with pedestrian and ground support equipment
Baggage gallery at Brussels South Charleroi


Since its creation in 2011, ADVEEZ has been integrating cutting-edge technologies into its connected solutions, thus remaining at the forefront of innovation. Integrating challenges of complex industries environments, ADVEEZ develops a robust telematic and access control solution at each stage of the product’s life cycle: from the R&D to distribution, including design, testing and industrialization. Today, ADVEEZ is positioned among the market leaders and provides its customers with ever more efficient solutions. ADVEEZ is recognized worldwide as a telematics system provider of connected objects and artificial intelligence solutions for multiple sectors such as airports, seaports, logistics mobility and safety. ADVEEZ connected equipment and solutions are adopted by 130+ industrial sites and international organizations around the world, especially in Europe, United States and ambitioning to expand its presence in the Middle East and Asia regions.

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