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Gain valuable insights for your business with our solid competence in data collection and management. We have complete control over our solutions, and we adapt to your needs. 

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Advanced knowledge for high level solutions

Our in-house skills enable us to ensure the custom development and industrialization of electronic modules and systems, the associated software and the implementation of a secure data communication network.


We develop and industrialize custom-made electronic modules. We masterize the entire production chain and guarantee the highest quality.

Embedded Software

We design and develop our own embedded firmware to optimize and guarantee optimal functionality, reliabilty and security.

Data processing

We collect and process your data smartly. Secure and reliable data, whose relevance increases every day thanks to our machine learning systems.

Data visualisation

We take great care to create user-friendly design interfaces with our UX-UI experts. Visualize your data easily in real time on any device.


We provide you with the latest technologies that best suit your needs and constraints. We are able to deploy any type of network, public or private.

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Our services

Our ingenuity allows us to adapt and bring the optimal solution to each situation

We work with you on your specifications, product deployment, training, and provide support and maintenance through to data analysis to ensure the best customer service.

Pilot project definition

We are here to help you understand and define your needs to build the best solutions together. Call on experts and ensure your success.

Technical solutions

We support you in the deployment of your product. Our high level of technical expertise allows you to obtain a product tailored to your needs.

Roll out

We assist you in the installation and training to use our solutions. Deploy our solutions and get concrete and relevant results for your business.

Customer support

We deliver seamless support. Our products are guaranteed, easy to maintain and our online support helps you when you need it.

Data analysis consulting

We guide you in the analysis of your data to transform them into concrete information to facilitate your decision making.

Our offer


Our solutions digitize environments to easily monitor your assets and users with our real-time data capture modules.


Manage your assets easily with real-time data visualization and analysis, accessible on your computers, tablets and smartphones.


Increase your operational efficiency, manage your flows, reinforce their security, improve your management and reduce your costs.

Let’s digitize your business

Contact us to find out how our easy and advanced solutions can make your business more productive, profitable and safer.