How can ADVEEZ safety telematics improve safety issues on the apron?


How can ADVEEZ safety telematics improve safety issues on the apron?

Safety on the apron is a critical question for airports across the world. According to IATA’s safety report, ground accidents are reducing in 2019 but stays the third-highest fatal accident category with 8% of fatal accident during the last five years (2015-2019). Continuous efforts and proposing prevention measures are necessary to further reduce the accidents and collisions risks.

With our telematics and airports experience and know-how, ADVEEZ has developed a safety management system with innovative end-to-end solutions. Easy to install and to use, they significantly improve safety on the ramp for passengers, staff and aircraft.

Working closely with our customers, ADVEEZ has developed multiple easy and innovative solutions that tackle the main risky issues encountered by ground handlers and airports staff during ramp operations.

Looking at all the touching points, 4 focus were identified with the airport infrastructure, predictive maintenance, specific controlled zones and staff training.

Safe infrastructure system with telematics on site
Implementing a safe and sustainable environment for all staff and passengers is key for the airport. ADVEEZ answers with 2 cost effective and easy-to-install solutions for indoors and outdoors sites:

Touchless access control: an effective contactless solution that identify the right staff for the right equipment and allows real time monitoring of the entire ground operations.

Automatic speed control system for motorized assets: immediate ROI with avoiding infrastructure and GSE accidents as well as reducing noise pollution and staff anxiety.

According to our customers, their ground accident rate on the airport infrastructure had drastically dropped since they have implemented these 2 solutions. On the contrary, the staff safety and well-being feeling has been boosted.

Preventive maintenance with Localeez® alerts and reports
Keeping the infrastructure in good operating conditions is key for safety and accident prevention.

ADVEEZ FAMA and OTM are innovative telematics solutions for motorized and non-motorized assets. They monitor real time data to monitor accurately the asset usages. Fuel, turnaround, speed, battery, idle are among the monitored data.

ADVEEZ Localeez® telematics system
is designed to recommend and manage preventive maintenance based on the real-time asset data. Thus, alerts for preventive maintenance can be set up and optimized reducing at the same time the accident risk.
Prevention and control of the system with geofence
On the airport ramp, some areas are more dangerous than others. Staff are not always aware of the accident risks in this area. Thus,
ADVEEZ has developed an embedded geofencing function for motorized assets with speed control action. This innovation avoids ground collisions and improves advanced terrain alerting system installed on airport sites.
For example, GSE speed reduction can be settled automatically around the plane by geofencing. When the GSE will enter in this zone, the speed will be reduced automatically by ADVEEZ FAMA system.
Moreover, the system will record all GSE actions in the zone and send alerts automatically if necessary. Therefore, ADVEEZ system is setting up a safe and low accident risk environment.
Driver training is key with driving scoring and measurements.
‘We must plant the seeds of training and just culture in order to have a harvest of safe behaviors.’ says Mr. Morales, Chairman, IATA Accident Classification Technical Group.

GSE training is key to implement safety seeds for ground operations. With the ADVEEZ FAMA, driver training and monitoring is made easy. The FAMA records harsh breaks, accelerations, bumps, shocks, turns, over speed, etc. It easily highlights the dangerous driving ground areas for GSE and driver. Moreover, a scoring of the driving practices help analyze the performance and good usages on the apron.

Monitoring driving usages are helpful to highlight good habits and improvements on the apron. Better driving and driver training are enhancing a safer and sustainable airport environment for everyone.

ADVEEZ full safety solution package is available and adaptable to our customers needs. Please contact us for more details.

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