FAMA lite/OBD release


FAMA Lite : Real time data with GSE plug-and-play solution

Digitization of your apron is now easy and fast with the new ADVEEZ FAMA lite/OBD version. To adapt to our fast-moving sectors and high demand customers, a new connected device has been designed as a plug-and-play solution for our customers. The FAMA lite/ODB is launched and available for all our customers.

With two CAN bus plug or one and an OBD plug, the FAMA lite/OBD adapts to most of the current motorized GSE range in any brands. Real time data are available on the Localeez® mobile application or web-platform such as location, working, moving, in use, idle time, shock detection or the hourmeter.

Access control or speed control via geofence features are options to choose depending on your needs and fleet usages. Over the air updates and diagnostic tools via LHC are available for all ground management to facilitate the maintenance.

The FAMA lite/OBD keeps the same benefits as our original FAMA with an easy installation, but it is faster and only two cables to plug. Maintenance is minimal and easy to handle and can be managed over the air. Same as all ADVEEZ devices, we guarantee no network interferences on the ground.

Reliable, the FAMA lite/OBD enhances safety during apron operations. Moreover, this new FAMA offers multiple fleet management advantages with time savings on maintenance, top management, productivity and efficiency for ground operations. With this new simplified version of our FAMA, the first step to digitization is easily accessible to all airport projects.

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FAMA lite/obd

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