Innovative ADVEEZ algorithm
for fall detection released in ABEYE eyewear


Innovative ADVEEZ algorithm for fall detection released in ABEYE eyewear

Toulouse – October 27th, 2019. Fall is a major challenge for many elderly persons across the world and is a public health concern. Indeed with 400 000 falls each year in France only, 65+ years old persons are the first one to be concerned. Moreover, they are encouraged more and more to stay at home.  Fall detection wearables are helping prevention and fast intervention at home if needed.

Since our beginnings, ADVEEZ has always tried to increase safety and prevention for its users to help them in their daily activities. And fall detection was one of our big subjects to work on from our starts. Thanks to LAAS CNRS technology transfer, ADVEEZ has enriched the algorithm with research and development for 4 years.

3 innovations from ADVEEZ

ADVEEZ has integrated 3 innovation in our fall detection technology:

  • First, ADVEEZ has adapted and miniaturized the embedded system to fit in a wearable such as eyewear, watches or bracelets. Indeed, the algorithm is complex and needs a great computing power.  ADVEEZ achieved a great technological feat to fit in a device that includes many constrains like size, weight and design.
  • Secondly, the algorithm considers the kinetic and how the device is worn. In fact, human movements have an impact on the fall detection whether the user is wearing the device around the wrist or on his nose.
  • Thirdly ADVEEZ technology is using a smart calibration to adapt and connect to a particular user and its behaviors. When first worn, the algorithm will adapt depending on each person activities and movement frequency.

Hence this unique and innovative technology can detect two types of fall, soft and hard ones. The hard falls are the ones followed by a shock on the ground. The soft falls are the ones with a hold back on a furniture for example. These last ones are the most difficult to be detected as they can show undiagnosed diseases.

Eyewear application and international distribution

Innovation needs to be used and worn easily and every day to be relevant for the users. Therefore, ADVEEZ and ABEYE has worked together to integrate this innovation in a senior eyewear. Our technology and the smart glasses are connected to an automatic alert and monitoring system for family or nurses. Thus, it allows an immediate intervention and help for the users after a fall. Families and loved ones feel safer and less stressed to leave their autonomous seniors at home.

Partnership and international distribution

ADVEEZ and ABEYE are cooperating to offer an exclusive connected optical frame for fall detection and senior wellness. Both partners share the same values offering useful, elegant and affordable innovation to answer this critical health challenge.

“Spectalert” is the name of the smart senior range for the optical retailer. The exclusive French distribution will be in ATOL shops by the end of the year 2019 and ABEYE group will implement the international distribution.


Since   2011, ADVEEZ develops innovative hardware & software data capture solutions for telematics to monitor and optimize critical assets management and improve user safety. The ADVEEZ equipment and asset tracking solution is currently being used by major customers at more than 50 facilities across Europe and North America where our offices are based. In addition, ADVEEZ deploys IoT safety solutions with automatic speed limitation, hands-free access control or innovative fall detection.


Founded in 2018, Abeye believes eyewear can do more and makes smart eyewear for health and wellness. We are obsessed by User Experience and we focus on making our products
SIMPLE because we want our products to be used, not just bought,
USEFUL because we try to address real & existing problems met by people
ELEGANT because we conceive our products as eyewear to be worn daily, in a non-stigmatizing way
AFFORDABLE because we try to bring solutions to the mass market
Abeye has partnered early with French optician network Atol to benefit from industry expertise and secure a first distribution channel.

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