Experience and feedback with Sabena technics


Video - Experience and feedback on indoor outdoor tracking module with Sabena technics

ADVEEZ is proud to announce that its IOTM (Indoor Outdoor Tracking Module) was selected by Sabena technics Bordeaux. The IOTM implementation inside its MRO facilities aims at improving operational efficiency.

Our comprehensive tracking solution includes infrastructure, hardware module and web-platform to display quickly any asset location inside and outside its MRO aircraft hangars. This innovative hybrid compact device combines multiple technologies (#UWB, #LoRA, #GPS). Moreover it achieves real time indoor and outdoor localization and reliable communication.

After a Proof of Concept followed by an extended Pilot Project, the team has now achieved the roll out phase. And the solution is operational to support any operator to locate quickly within the hangars the right asset for the right operation at the right time.

Congratulations to both teams for their dedication and commitment to build this true success story.

The video below explains the entire user case experience.

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