GSE data capture with JBT


GSE data capture with JBT

Helping our customers continuously improve their ground operations is key for JBT and ADVEEZ.  To help in that effort, JBT teams up with ADVEEZ to provide improved ground support equipment monitoring and location tracking on its GSE products.
JBT is offering factory-installed ADVEEZ FAMA systems on many of its products such as pushback tractors, loaders, deicers and more.  Hence the airport equipment on the apron is connected and monitored by customers in a variety of configurations best suited to customer needs.
As a global leader, JBT is a worldwide supplier for manufacture, installation, support, maintenance, monitoring and management of gate-side and ground support airport equipment.

Digital challenges for future airports

JBT can upgrade their product offerings and digitize tracking operations in order to help customers improve their services and operations. Installing the FAMA systems allows new and innovative services to offer to JBT clients.
Moreover, GSE owners and operators can follow their fleet in real time and better understand their equipment life cycle. Therefore, JBT can make useful and insightful recommendations to their customers in order to optimize their maintenance turnaround.

ADVEEZ solutions to digitize the aprons
The FAMA is a connected device which sends, in real-time, data from the equipment and its drivers. Hands-free access control, geofence, outdoor tracking, fuel, battery level, shock detection are among all the data that our telematic device can manage in real time on the ground.

Data are captured and available daily on their IOPS platform for analysis. These data help managing the fleet or the operations such as the maintenance. Thanks to this device, JBT implements dynamic maintenance alerts for its customers.
From reactive, they become pro-active and predictive with confidence.

Significant improvement for all

The first equipment are already out since January 2020 and are part of a bigger project for JBT: digitization of the worldwide airport aprons. Indeed, telematics are the tools to digitize ramp operations. Therefore, safety, equipment maintenance and operations are meant to improve significantly.

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