Ramp safety with telematics


Ramp safety with telematics

Safety is a significant challenge for all airports across the world. With the increasing flight number, airports must innovatively manage safety question and never compromise it. Statistically, the apron can be the most unsafe place at the airport. Indeed, many people with different priorities perform their work with specialized and new ground equipment on the airport ramp.

In addition to this, they are under significant pressure from time and space constraints. Nowadays, airlines want to turn planes around as quickly as possible. Airports want to pack as many stands into a given area as possible. Hence the risk of safety incidents increases considerably. And speed is one of the issues which compromise safety on the apron.

Speed control telematics system
Many ramp incidents are caused by non-respect of speed limits or unauthorized or unqualified GSE drivers despite prevention, training, and warning signs. Therefore, ADVEEZ has designed an automatic speed control system. This telematic innovation controls the speed of the vehicle automatically in a designated area, inside or outside the building, the baggage gallery, the warehouses, etc. Thanks to geofence technology, the outside space can be customized to any facilities.

Our data capture technology is monitoring speed, shocks, and trajectories. Moreover, thanks to ADVEEZ hands-free tag, GSE drivers are identified automatically. And managers can remotely lock and unlock the vehicle if needed.

Installed in many airport aprons across the world, this innovative telematics has reduced the incident numbers significantly. Moreover, it has reduced infrastructure, maintenance, and insurance costs.

To discover our ADVEEZ speed control system in airport aprons such as Marseille, Brussels, Nice, etc.

Co-operation and co-ordination: key success factors.

Safety management is a continuous effort and improvement for airports around the world. From previous experience, training, processes, and prevention are implemented to reduce accidents and safety hazards. Learning from an incident is a great and good practice. However, implementing proactive systems complementary to the existing one makes improvements more efficient.

Data capture and telematics are one of these proactive solutions that are easy to enforce in airport ramps.

Significant technical innovations are certainly helping to improve safety management. It must always be associated with co-operation and co-ordination between the aerodrome operator, ground service providers, airlines, and other airport users and contractors to become a real success.
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