Monitor your GHG emissions with Localeez® features.


Localeez® innovative features to monitor easily your carbon emissions.

Accurate data is the first step to implement efficient actions. Decarbonization of ground operations is an objective with many challenges. One of the most critical steps is to capture reliable data enabling to measure correctly the real daily carbon footprint. To answer and help accelerating a sustainable transition of your ground operations, ADVEEZ has developed tracking features dedicated to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Monitor your carbon emissions is made easy with Localeez® features.
New tools to measure accurately the GHG emissions and reduce them.

Thanks to the FAMA device and Localeez® web-platform and mobile application, real time data are available immediately and published in a comprehensive and customized reports with detailed information such as:

  • GHG emissions reports provide NOx, CO2, HC, PM, CO emissions per division, per motorized assets on a period. Knowing the carbon footprint of your motorized assets is effortless.
  • Idle and working time reports to monitor the unnecessary usage of the asset motor and reduce the emissions.
  • Fuel management reports to manage properly the fleet consumption and decrease overall emissions and costs.
  • Real time energy or battery level to follow the recharge and optimize their life cycle and usage.

To meet accreditation guidelines such as Airport Carbon Accreditation or achieve carbon management objectives in compliance with Paris Agreement, ADVEEZ is mapping, tracking and monitoring the main GHG emissions from your motorized assets.

Accelerate the decarbonization with accurate objectives.

Tracking KPI to improve your green and sustainable performances are easier with these features. From real and accurate data, achievable targets are accessible for all ground stakeholders to meet your decarbonization plan and sustainable objectives. Delivering low carbon emission services in greener airports are the challenges everyone is facing for the next decade. And ADVEEZ is contributing to make it easy and simple for all operations stakeholders.


Since its creation in 2011, ADVEEZ has been integrating cutting-edge technologies into its connected solutions, thus remaining at the forefront of innovation. Integrating challenges of complex industries environments, ADVEEZ develops a robust telematic and access control solution at each stage of the product’s life cycle: from the R&D to distribution, including design, testing and industrialization. Today, ADVEEZ is positioned among the market leaders and provides its customers with ever more efficient solutions. ADVEEZ is recognized worldwide as a telematics system provider of connected objects and artificial intelligence solutions for multiple sectors such as airports, seaports, logistics mobility and safety. ADVEEZ connected equipment and solutions are adopted by 130+ industrial sites and international organizations around the world, especially in Europe, United States and ambitioning to expand its presence in the Middle East and Asia regions.

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