Maintenance optimization
with Groundforce


Maintenance optimization with Groundforce

Since 2018, Groundforce, a Spanish operating handler, has been an ADVEEZ key partner for fleet management and maintenance optimization.  Early 2018, Groundforce wanted to improve significantly their maintenance costs and operational efficiency in their airports.

After a successful proof of concept on 8 GSE, Groundforce and ADVEEZ has extended the deployment to a 120 GSE pilot project in Madrid. And this year, these projects lead to the signature of a frame agreement for their global fleet of 1400 GSE.

Challenges to answer

Many questions arose to improve the daily operation performances.

  • Are the assets in the correct parking stand?
  • Can we manage the driver authorizations and improve its GSE utilizations?
  • How can we decrease corrective maintenance based on a driver access control management?
  • Can we save energy and optimize the idle time (engine on but no real operation of the GSE)?
  • How many GSE need or are in maintenance?
  • Can I invoice in real time the GSE utilization?

All these challenges are tackled with ADVEEZ telematic solutions allowing to capture data in real time.

ADVEEZ telematic solutions for connected handlers

Thanks to the ADVEEZ FAMA module placed inside the GSE, all captured data from the vehicle are available in real time: location, speed, energy, hour-meter, etc…

The impact is also on maintenance. With the captured data, the system knows where the GSE are, their allocation and usages. Therefore, maintenance forecasts are enhanced and planned.

The hand-free access control is facilitating the operations with the drivers. The system allows them to start the GSE and all information related to the driver are known in real time.

Thus, the ADVEEZ effective hardware and captured data allow fleet management improvement and operation optimization in real time.

Groundforce uses ADVEEZ Localeez® web platform to track and manage their GSE fleet for daily operations and analysis. Since the beginning of this partnership, Groundforce has significantly contributed to Localeez® web platform improvement. And additional features were specifically developed to deliver a real business application, perfectly in line with daily operations.

For the fleet management, Groundforce already has an specific IT environment in place. ADVEEZ took this into account with its API and ensures the interoperability between the captured data and the web platform.

Efficiency and project roll out

Better fleet management combined with better maintenance forecasts have significantly improved smooth operations and organization for Groundforce. And therefore, the roll out phase is now on-going to finalize the installation of ADVEEZ fleet asset management system.

This successful key partnership demonstrates the perfect combination of Groundforce experience in ground support operations and ADVEEZ expertise as a key player in asset management solutions based on a powerful hardware and web platform.

Today thanks to this great first achievement, Groundforce and ADVEEZ signed a frame agreement to equip up to 1400 GSE across 10 different airports managed by Groundforce. The roll out phase is on-going in Madrid and will continue during 2020 in Barcelona.

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