Boost safety during ground operations


How to boost safety during ground handling operations with Localeez® new features?

For ground handling, safety is a continuous improvement for all stakeholders. With increasing turnaround, balance between efficiency and safety is a constant challenge. To facilitate apron operations, processes and analysis for all airport stakeholders, ADVEEZ has launched two new features, available on Localeez® mobile and web-platform.

OSHA Safety Inspection Check list

Driving a safe and well-maintained ground support equipment (GSE) is critical for any busy and hurried operators. Filling in paper forms can be difficult and very often forgotten when handlers need to speed up actions. Managers are struggling to find afterward the check list forms to regularize the processes and ensure equipment is ready for operations.

Many important steps are required before using a vehicle like checking tires or the energy level. These actions are necessary to avoid wasting materials or future incidents if you are too quick on picking up the wrong assets.

ADVEEZ team has created an automatic OSHA check list available on the mobile application. Few random questions for the operator to check on the assets before using it.

If the answer is yes, the operator can start the asset engine and go. If the answer is no, an alert is directly sent to maintenance department to schedule an intervention on this particular asset. It replaces the red tag on the wheel with automatic GSE physical blocking function. Only maintenance badges are able to unblock them.

Two benefits:
– It safeguards operator and managers to secure the asset choice as the safest one.
– Information is communicated automatically. Detecting issues or incidents is immediate. Maintenance is always up to date on the materials status. No time is wasted between handlers and maintenance with missing communication. Efficiency helps safety overall.

Adveez driver scoring app
GSE driving score

Airports, seaports or industrial environment might look like racing tracks on the map with harsh turns or different speed. Driving GSE safely decrease incidents,maintenance and downtime.

The GSE driving score indicates in real time the driving style: harsh breaks or turns, taken bumps, received impacts, harsh accelerations, over speed. Information providing relevant details to predict maintenance and anticipate incidents.

From the GSE fleet driving score, Localeez® designs a hotspot map from your tracks, a suitable tool to train the apron drivers accordingly.

Automatic speed control via geofencing

These new features come in addition to the current ones the ADVEEZ safety telematic offers already such as:
– Automatic speed control with geofencing zones around the plane and on dedicated areas.
– Touchless access control
– Real time asset tracking data

Ground stakeholders don’t have to make a choice anymore between safety and productivity. With telematics and real time data, both efficiency and safety objectives are easy to achieve together.

ADVEEZ full safety solution package is adaptable to our customers’ needs.

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