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Fleet management with Delta

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DELTA chooses ADVEEZ for its fleet and operation management in Atlanta and other US airports sites. Tracking and maintenance of their critical airports assets were the main challenges.

DELTA launched a tender process to find a new fleet management provider in 2014. They selected ADVEEZ to manage GSE on their Atlanta site and main US airports.

Indeed as airports are growing in size and traffic, real time 1400 GSE tracking and maintenance optimization are key for turnaround operations.

Thanks to ADVEEZ FAMA (Fleet Asset Management for Airport), DELTA knows in real time the location of its assets on the ground. Workers avoid wasting time searching the assets. Moreover the GSE usages are optimized thanks to data capture directly on the vehicles.

For example, maintenance becomes preventive thanks to our products. Before ADVEEZ, the maintenance was applied to all vehicles every 6 months and costs were very high. With ADVEEZ, the maintenance is scheduled every 500 hours of the vehicles. Now maintenance hours and costs are rationalized and optimized.

The digitalized data are displayed in ADVEEZ web application Localeez®, an interactive map. Localization and monitoring of the assets are easy to visualize. Alerts and reports are customized by the managers and pushed when necessary to the users.

With ADVEEZ connected solution, DELTA has improved significantly their turnaround operations and fleet management on their airports. In addition, maintenance costs have decreased thanks to a better prevention and optimization.

Now ADVEEZ develops other IoT solutions with DELTA on multiple airport sites around the US.

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