Speed Control System
at Brussels Airport


Speed Control System at Brussels Airport

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BRUSSELS AIRPORT and its ground handlers have selected ADVEEZ speed control system for their baggage-sorting hall. It improves significantly worker safety.

Since January 2019, Brussels airport and the electrical GSEs operated by SWISSPORT and AVIA PARTNER are equipped with ADVEEZ Speed Control System. Indeed it has been chosen through a public bid issued in July 2018. The selection process included a pilot project involving the participation of each party. Brussels Airport Company acts as the owner of the airport infrastructure with equipped automatic doors. And both handlers Swissport and Aviapartner equip their electrical GSE with the speed control module (Turtle box).

Thanks to ADVEEZ Turtle box, GSE speed is automatically and progressively slowed down. Indeed when it enters in any baggage hall of Brussels airport, it goes from 25km/h to 5km/h. Operational 24/7, ADVEEZ Speed Control System is specifically designed for industrial environment like airport. Indeed it generates no additional noise pollution and it isn’t impacted by dust. Moreover, the Turtle system works without interfering with any other low radio frequency systems already in place.

Listening carefully to our clients, we are continuously improving our system to be customized to their needs. Thus, we have developed additional safety means to be especially sabotage proof and to last longer without maintenance.

Both Brussels Airport Company and handlers are delighted with ADVEEZ speed control system as it is a proven and reliable solution improving significantly safety and quality of work.

With our strong products and innovations, ADVEEZ is proud to continue improving the day to day airport fleet management, turning it into asset intelligence.

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