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Fleet management with Avia Partner

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Since 2014, AVIA PARTNER and ADVEEZ have been partners for their GSE fleet optimization. Indeed they are using data capture and GPS devices to achieve this.

The main challenge for the ground handler is to manage efficiently operations based on flight schedule. Real time GSE activity and availability are critical for the turnaround organisation and management.

Thanks to our FAMA (Fleet Asset Management for Airport) set up directly on each GSE, ADVEEZ provides a-five-stars service to AVIA PARTNER.

First of all our hands-free customized access control is facilitating drivers management. Secondly outdoor tracking with GPS positions allows location of the GSE at all time. Thirdly data capture such as shock detection, fuel level, speed limitations are reported for a better equipment management.

Moreover, data is digitalized and available instantly on our Localeez® web interface. Avia Partner monitors the assets on an interactive map and plan multiple actions. The users customize the interface to generate alerts, reports. They schedule operations and maintenance in advance. Even more they can recommend optimizations. Our Localeez® platform is interoperable with Avia Partner software to facilitate the integration in their system and avoid multiple manual data entry.

Thanks to our dedicated solution, Avia Partner enhances their operations overall. They improve significantly their day-to-day operation management and services as well as their fleet efficiency and management. Most importantly, they decrease their maintenance costs and accident rates.

Thanks to our IoT solutions, Avia Partner increases their service quality and productivity in their turnaround management.


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